The Joyful Journey

  • 5 Tips To Teach Gratitude To Kids

    Being grateful is something that we quite often tell our children to be, but have we ever stepped back and actually looked at whether we have taught them what gratitude is and how to practice it? Why should we assume that they just know how to do it naturally? Because at the end of the day just like anything else, it is something that must be taught first prior to being able to use it.
  • How to deal with those who undermine your parenting

    Parenting is amazing, but it can be hard! Especially when we are parenting throughout those toddler and young child years. What can make it even harder is when adults around you undermine your decisions as a parent and in the worst cases do literally the opposite of what you wanted. Teaching boundaries and upholding them with both your kids and those around you can feel difficult but in the end is so worth it.

  • Why we need to let our little ones explore their world & stop helicopter parenting

    It's hard no but makes it easier later So for those of you that have had, or are currently experiencing those glorious years of toddler life, I sen...
  • What are the benefits of mindful parenting?

    Mindful parenting, it sounds woo woo and it also sounds impossible. We all know children can be challenging and look we don't blame them! They are learning so much and being shaped and moulded the entire time. 

    We are talking about the major benefits of slowing down and being mindful, and how our children learn by watching what we do.