About Us

So often we focus on developing self-love and gratitude as an adult and are blind to realise that these skills can be and should be cultivated as children.

Gratitude, self-love and mindfulness are all truly skills that have been found to create positive foundations of happiness and well-beings in people. This is why we have created a beautiful range of interactive tools and toys to cultivate this in children. 

Joyful Soul Co’s Mission

As believers of the importance of mindful living, gratitude and self-love, we realised that there were limited resources that grew, developed and instilled those skills. That is why we created Joyful Soul Co. We have made it our mission to change the world through shaping our beautiful children and how they see themselves in this world and how they interact in it.

    Why Choose Joyful Soul Co? 

    When you shop with us, you’ll see the Joyful Soul Co difference. We are focused on creating real tools that can further develop your Childs psychological foundation, giving them skills that will follow them through their entire life. One of our most popular products, The Gratitude Tree is a fantastic example of this! From our Joyful Apparel to Interactive Toys, your little one will gain valuable skills! 

    We also believe in the power of connection and community. At Joyful Soul Co, we do not just believe in selling products, instead we believe in creating a family. The #joyfulfamily.